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The most effective way of transferring expertise is through practical examples. That’s why AHF 2024 places a heavy emphasis on anterior hip arthroplasty surgical cases.

Unlocking Excellence in Anterior Hip Arthroplasty: Surgical Cases at AHF 2024

Hip Arthroplasty X Ray images

The Anterior Hip Foundation is committed to advancing the field of anterior hip arthroplasty and we believe that the most effective way of transferring expertise is through practical examples. That’s why our upcoming event, AHF 2024, scheduled for May 17-18, 2024 in the vibrant heart of Nashville, TN, aims to redefine the orthopaedic conference landscape by placing a heavy emphasis on anterior hip arthroplasty surgical cases studies.

Emphasis on Surgical Case Studies in the AHF 2024 Program

At AHF 2024, there’s no room for theory; it’s all about real-world expertise and hands-on experiences. Our distinguished faculty will showcase their expertise, best practices in surgical techniques and patient care using tangible surgical cases. Whether you’re just starting your first 500 anterior hip replacements, already on your way to your first 5,000 cases, or tackling challenging revisions, our program ensures that you will leave with the hip arthroplasty pearls of wisdom that you can immediately use to enhance your practice. 

Haven’t registered yet? We invite you to be a part of this transformative experience at AHF 2024 to help shape the future of anterior hip arthroplasty.

CME Opportunities based on Anterior Hip Surgical Cases

For AHF 2024, we’ve streamlined the Continuing Medical Education (CME) process to make it effortless to earn your credits. All you need to do is actively engage with cases before, during, and after the event, to accumulate CME credits.

Submit Your Engaging Surgical Cases For A Chance To Win 50% Off Meeting Registration

We invite you to contribute your expertise by submitting your primary or revision hip arthroplasty surgical cases to the AHF 2024 Global Case Forum on Orthobullets. 

 If your case is chosen for inclusion in the AHF Program, you will be rewarded with 50% off meeting registration to attend AHF 2024.

Your case may also be selected to be shared with Orthobullets’ worldwide network of orthopaedic surgeons. 

Share your insights, and gain recognition for your contributions to the field.

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