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Dr. Yerasimides has performed over 11,500 anterior hip replacements in his career and is considered an authority in the field of anterior revision surgeries.

Jonathan Yerasimides M.D. Biography

Jonathan G. Yerasimides, M.D. (AHF president 2023-2024), specializes in primary and revision hip replacement, with a practice in Louisville, Kentucky. Following his Fellowship with Dr. Matta in 2006, Dr. Yerasimides performed the first anterior approach hip replacement in Louisville and has quickly become an authority on anterior approach hip replacement. He performs more anterior approach hip replacements yearly than any other surgeon in the United States and has done over 11,500 in his career.

Jonathan Yerasimides M.D.

Dr. Yerasimides is considered a leading authority in the field of revision anterior approach hip replacement, and has pioneered new techniques, published articles, contributed book chapters with the objective of furthering education in this field.
He travels regularly across the United States to lecture and teach the procedure to other orthopaedic surgeons. He has been invited to countries in Europe, Asia and Australia to lecture and demonstrate the procedure for surgeons interested in the technique. He hosts both domestic and international surgeons seeking training in the procedure who travel to Louisville to watch him operate and learn the technique first hand.
Originally from rural Missouri, he attended the combined six-year program at the University of Missouri–Kansas City where he earned his B.A. in Biology and later an M.D from the same institution. He then moved to Louisville in 2000 to complete his residency in orthopaedic surgery at the University of Louisville. In 2005, he moved to Los Angeles where he studied for one year under Dr. Matta, then returned to Louisville and has been there since.

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