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This is an unrivalled opportunity to take advantage of Dr. Jonathan Yerasimides’ surgical insights and to minimize any learning curve for those new to the procedure.

Introducing a 5-Part Anterior Hip Arthroplasty Masterclass

 Dr. Jonathan Yerasimides is an anterior hip arthroplasty specialist based in Louisville, Kentucky who has performed over ten thousand primary and revision hip replacement procedures using an anterior approach.


The detailed nature of the content is designed to share some of Dr. Yerasimides’ insights to enable others to gain an appreciation for the procedure, and to minimize any associated learning curve for those in the early stages of adoption.


The Masterclass comprises five one-hour lectures


The first lecture is an introduction to the procedure, including the history of the approach, and how it has evolved to become the technique we use today. It covers the rationale, advantages and comparison with alternatives. Jonathan also covers patient selection including a spectrum of pre-operative considerations and a brief overview of the technical steps of the surgery.


The second lecture focuses on a primary hip replacement through an anterior

approach. There’s review of patient positioning and setup instruments and then a video with commentary that takes you step by step through the entire procedure.


Lecture three focuses on more advanced techniques including how to interpret intraoperative fluoroscopy, and how to extend the primary incision to gain access to the acetabulum or femur. This lecture also covers the bikini incision and in particular its use for morbidly obese patients or those with deep hip creases.

ecture four is dedicated to acetabular revision. This covers how to understand the defect – for example, how to look at a two-dimensional AP pelvis and understand the exact nature of a defect. This lecture also includes a video with commentary of an acetabular component revision.  


The fifth and final lecture is dedicated to femoral revision. The femur has always been the more challenging part of this procedure for most. This lecture covers how to tackle femoral issues including periprosthetic hip fractures and the removal of well-fixed

femoral components. Jonathan also covers how he performs femoral osteotomies that he performs using an anterior approach.

this 5-part masterclass which was created in conjunction with Superb Medical Skills in China.


 Check out Part One here >> 

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